Dental Veneers

Achieving a new smile using wafer-thin attachments of porcelain.

Dental Veneers

It can be difficult to have a stunning smile if the teeth are discoloured, broken, heavily filled or out of

line. However fantastic improvements can be made using extremely thin porcelain coverings that are

bonded onto the surface of the teeth, similar to having a false finger nail.


Veneers can be made for a single tooth that might be dark from having a root treatment, or for all the teeth that show on smiling. Usually a mould of the new tooth is created in wax to be viewed and approved before the treatment commences. To allow the veneer to sit comfortably under the lips there tends to be some minimal reduction of the tooth surface and to ensure the procedure is comfortable it is carried out with the gum area frozen with flavoured gels and local anaesthetics. During the procedure patients can watch a DVD or listen to relaxing music. Temporary veneer coverings are fitted whilst our dental technician creates the new porcelain restoration.


Patients having dental veneers need to be aware that although the bonding adhesives continue to become ever stronger they need to consider their veneers when biting to avoid anything very hard, e.g. a stone in a peach, a bone in spare ribs, or anything very sticky that might pull and tear on the veneer.

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