Composite White - Fillings

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Composite White - Fillings

There are many instances where teeth have minor discrepancies in their position, shape or contour and these could be improved cosmetically using the new composite filling materials that are bonded onto the surface of the tooth. The underlying tooth is not disturbed so rarely is any anaesthetic needed. These modern composite materials can make a tremendous difference very quickly although they will deteriorate over time and start to stain or chip and polishing or replacement may be necessary. These types of restorations can be especially valuable for younger patients where the teeth are still developing.

Uses of Composite Fillings

  • To increase the size of teeth to close spaces

  • To visually disguise a twisted tooth

  • To repair chipped or worn teeth

  • To stabilise a patient’s bite whilst assessing for more permanent restorations

Examples of Composite Fillings

 For a single tooth

For multiple teeth

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